Seasonal Changes and Your Skin

Fall is here, bringing cooler and shorter days. However, it is still important to protect your skin. Cooler weather not only means drier skin requiring changes in our skin routine, but the risks of sun damage and skin cancer are still present, making UV protection as important as ever.

You still need UV protection
UV rays penetrate the atmosphere regardless of outdoor temperature. Despite increased layers of clothing, cold temperatures, wind, and sun, still affect your skin. If you have a routine for UV protection, using moisturizer with SPF or sun-protective clothing, maintain this year-round. Wearing long sleeves and pants do offer protection in the cooler months, but your face, ears, neck, and hands are often still exposed.

This is especially important if you enjoy outdoor winter sports. Snow reflects the sun, increasing the risk of sun burn, even if precautions are taken.

You may need to moisturize, more than ever
Cooler weather and can dry your skin, leading to windburned and chapped skin. A regular moisturizing routine is always recommended, but is more important in these drier months. Dry skin indicates a damaged skin barrier against infection and skin conditions like eczema.
After gently cleansing your skin, apply a thick moisturizer to your entire body on a daily basis. Many daytime moisturizers also contain SPF protection—an added benefit. If you are going to be active, and in the sun and wind, apply stronger protection and do so every one or two hours.

Tips for protection:

• Wear a protective hat and sunglasses when you can to increase protection.
• Don’t forget about your lips. Skin cancer can occur on the lips. Lip protection with SPF can soothe chapped lips from winter wind and cold, as well protect from UV rays. You can also implement a regular routine using a gentle lip scrub to remove excess dead skin prior to moisturizing the smooth, clean layer with a SPF product.
• If you don’t have a daily moisturizing routing for both your face and your body, start one. Preferably one with SPF.

Get advice from a professional
If you have sensitive skin, a history of skin problems, or you are simply concerned about any of these issues, talk to a skincare professional. Some people need professional and prescription options.

We specialize in skin care at Inverness Dermatology and Laser. We do more than aesthetics and we want to help you protect your skin year-round. So, as the weather changes, or if you have questions on anything, contact us today.


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